23 February 2009

Half-Baked More Like

The Antiquer gets back from his travels today and I'm in big trouble because I haven't done my homework. Before he left he gave me the first season of 'Big Love' on DVD with instructions to watch it, savour it and love it.

[I was with him a few months ago when he bought aforementioned DVD. We couldn't see it on the shelves and had to ask for help. The young man who worked in the shop found it for us and brought it over. "Thanks," said The Antiquer, taking the DVD and gesturing towards me, "it's a training video for her."]

So I figured to myself that since he'd be gone for three weeks, I could watch four episodes a week and have it all wrapped up by the time he got back. I haven't watched any. Probably the first time I see him he'll be so enthused about his trip and how successful it was that he won't want to talk about anything else. That gives me another week up my sleeve. And by then I might have managed to watch two episodes. That'll look like a good, enthusiastic start - and well begun is half done, isn't it?

Not to The Antiquer. The only thing that's done to him is done. He's such a stickler.

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