25 February 2009

The Full Bench

The Antiquer called to complain about some stuff - including the fact that I'd not watched 'Big Love' in his absence; the look of disgust and disappointment on his face last night was pretty funny - and while we were chatting he gave me some advice. Which I decided not to take. Then I went into a meeting and as everyone droned on my mind drifted off, back to The A's advice.

"Could I do that?" I wondered to myself. "It would be weird. Or would it? No, it would be really weird. I'm not doing it. I'm not a weirdo. Well, mostly not. Okay, I am a weirdo - we know that - but I'm a loveable weirdo, surely?? The point is, I can't afford to come across any weirder than I already do. Okay, that's settled; I'm not doing it."

Suddenly I realised that the room was quiet and everyone was looking at me.

"Well?" someone asked. "Do you agree?"

"Oh.....suuure," I said, kind of slowly. I hoped such a response implied that I had listened to the arguments back and forth, weighed the pros and cons, and come to a decision that was obviously based on limited information and therefore made with great reluctance.

Probably I just sounded vague. Or weird.

Honestly, you can't win.

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