21 February 2009

From the Sedge

A postcard from The Antiquer in Scotland:
Nothing much changed here - as this card shows. Alex Harvey Band played in Dec + John Cooper Clarke in March. V.v.v.v cold - good packing - all stuff arrived in good nick - rid of most of it - hopefully off to Paris next week - heaps + heaps of crazy, crowded, jumbled bookshops multistoried + in basements - more than I remember!!! Food improved since last here. V. cold - did I mention that? Still to go to London + maybe Dublin - Gran Torino just advertised on TV - not yet out here. Saw '30 Rock' on the plane - great - also 'Welcome to the Captain' with Dad from Arrested Development + Rachel (sic) Welch!! Trouble writing - so cold.
I could be wrong, but I get the impression he's a little chilly over there.

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Anonymous said...

No,Hamish, don't do it. This haircut is not for you.