11 January 2009

Email 3 - Broken on the Wheel

New Girl and I were picnicking* in King's Park, watching the city light up as the sky behind it dimmed. We were both drawn to, and aghast at, the newly erected ferris wheel on the foreshore. Then the next day.....

From: New Girl
Date: 9 January 2009 8:19:42 AM
To: hazelblackberry@
Subject: 2 things:

1. go here: http://www.thewheelofperth.com.au/

and note:
i - "World Tourist Attractions"???
ii - It appears, from Perth City Council, to look half decent. From MY office it continues to look disappointingly small.

2. [You don't need to know about this bit.]

From: New Girl
Date: 9 January 2009 8:21:29 AM
To: hazelblackberry@
Subject: 1 more thing

ok - having looked at the wheel website for 10 more seconds (and seeing 'Wheel of Belfast' attendant job advertised) i can't help but ask:

Is anyone else thinking: Monorail!

Why a ferris wheel? I'd settle for a wheel of cheese any day.

*Yes, it's all true. We were nicking pics.


Karen said...

Brisbane's wheel is going to be 60m. Perth's is only 50m. What's up with that?

hazelblackberry said...

The state hangs its head in shame.

Spud Mack said...

I hate the bloody Ferris Wheel. London gets one, Melbourne gets one, Brisbane is getting a bigger one, so why cant the powers that be come up with an original idea?

Although having said that, their last original idea was a bell tower that looks like a stick insect making love to a cockroach, so maybe the wheel is not too bad an option.