20 December 2008

There's no time to sit around eating pretzels on the lounge.

Subi has done his time in juvey and hopefully he's been scared straight. Also, you know, I will lock him behind the gate every night. Every mother must accept her role in her child's waywardness.

I picked him up from the smash repairers yesterday. When I saw him I couldn't resist giving him a kiss. I went inside and one of the men popped his head out of the workshop: "Pretty happy to have your car back then, darlin'?"

So now I've got one kayak on the roof and when New Girl gets here she can help me get the second one on.....and we're off!


Karen said...

So, is he a Legacy then?

I like that question. It sounds ambiguous. Of course I mean "as opposed to an Impreza or a Forester".

We are a Subi family too. The blue Subi looked after me today in the horrible snowstorm I had to drive through to get my Friday morning fix of caffeine and knitting.

My husband's boss races them. Subis, I mean. Just thought I'd add that in there, for interest's sake.

I'd kiss him, too. The Subi, I mean. Not my husband's boss.

(Okay, that last bit was shamelessly gratuitous on my part. Or maybe there was shame involved. Still, it stands.)

hazelblackberry said...

No, he's an Outback. And thoroughly kissable. As are they all.

Spud Mack said...

Karen - Does your husband's boss beat them?

Anonymous said...

Yes, an Outback. Not a bad car, for the city that is. Never saw in the real outback though...