13 December 2008

Jiggity Jig

"Collapse, haze, collapse!"screamed New Girl - tres supportively - as I fell on to her lounge this morning, unable to cope any longer with my hangover.

At The Antiquer's yesterday, Tam O'Shanter had kindly asked if I wanted to stay, yet again, for dinner.

"She can't,"said The Antiquer, who knew I had a date with New Girl. "She has to get home and drink."

Well, we did enjoy a few glasses of wine. But here's the point: we were being creative! We were making Christmas cards!

Somehow I got myself round to New Girl's this morning and we headed off for breakfast. I lay my head down on the table at the cafe until the waitress brought our drinks to us.

"Pineapple juice?"

"Oh yes!" I cried.

"And bless you!" added New Girl.

After eggs and over-caffeinated drinks we even went to Ikea. I spilt Honeycomb Espreski on my t-shirt.

"Oh great. Everyone's going to be looking in judgement at my chest."

"Well, it'll make a pleasant change from everyone looking in judgement at your bare feet."

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