29 December 2008

Good Risibility

QEII and I had an event to attend yesterday arvo - a happening, if you will - and we met for lunch beforehand. She wanted to pick my brains about her finances. I was pretty sure she'd lost her mind: I brought along my latest bank statement to make sure she was fully informed about my complete lack of qualifications for the job. After a little while the hysterical gales of laughter had subsided and we could wipe the tears from our eyes. Turns out she still wanted my advice, despite the evidence to the contrary. I'm going to keep the spare room free so when she ends up destitute she can stay with me. I feel I'll owe her that much.

Later on New Girl popped down for a walk on the beach and a game of Trivial Pursuit. We're so into good, clean fun. You know, except for all the swearing.

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