06 December 2008

Christmas drinks with the girls

The worst part is waking up in the small hours with a raging thirst, the beginnings of a super headache massing in different parts of your brain, and when you get up to do something about all this, you're still staggering down the hallway, bouncing into the walls as you go.

The evening passed in a very pleasant blur. The one thing I do remember is Canned Ham telling us that when she gets up in the morning these days she moans and groans a lot because she's hurt her back. She got up in such a fashion one morning this week to find her daughter's boyfriend hanging around in the hallway giving her a rather smug and smirkful look. She looked him up and down in turn and asked him, "And how's your back this morning, mister?"

New Girl, who gave the shindig a miss, very kindly came to pick me up and drove me home, and when we got here she had a Bailey's with me. I'm sure that's what did all the damage.


new girl said...

I told Man Hands that when you wound the window down on the highway I feared for the cleanliness of his car, but then it turned out it was only so that you could give (loud, unsolicited) advice to that man.
Sort of a drive-by shooting off at the mouth!

hazelblackberry said...