30 November 2008

Scattergories, with pipe cleaners.

New Girl and Man Hands came to see me last night. I so rarely entertain at home these days, and I didn't last night either - they brought nibbles and wine. They also brought Scattergories and, mystifyingly, a packet of pipe cleaners. New Girl had an idea for incorporating her favourite craft item into her favourite board game. Every third round became the pipe cleaner round. At the end of that round, before we compared answers, the timer was set again and we had to represent one of our answers through the art of pipe cleaners and then everyone had to guess what it was. Man Hands and I had our doubts but we were soon won over. Pipe cleaners are so colourful and fuzzy!

Truly, it's nights like these that will live on forever under the category Crazy Fun Times. Don't you think? Also, it helps if you've had a couple of drinks.

Here is my pretty flamingo:
Here are New Girl and Man Hands holding their frog and their fish. The frog and fish are out of focus, but didn't Man Hands' tattoo come up nicely?
New Girl got all profligate with the pipe cleaners and fashioned herself a crown. Just for decoration. Wasteful wench.
You should all drop by my place more often. It's where it's at.


k said...

I think you could have doubled up on this one and posted it into Peppermint crisp

Karen said...

You should try Pictionary with Play Doh. (Or, if you can get it, a game called Charado, which is better still.)

Kudos to New Girl on her fascinating invention!

Carol said...

I'm completely and utterly envious of your quite gorgeous floor.

tonelawc said...

Pretty Flamingo
Looks like a man akimbo
Pees into the glass.

Anonymous said...

Can New Girl also make a camel out of pipe cleaners?

Word verification: Squick. I mean, come on!