26 November 2008

Love is Endless and the World is Wide

The Antiquer had a wonderful mum. She was gentle and kind, she had a great sense of humour and was easy on the judgement of others. She was nice. We all liked her and she seemed to like us.

She's spent the last few years in a home. She had Alzheimer's. A few days ago she was diagnosed with cancer. She died yesterday afternoon. These things are often a relief, but The Antiquer has still lost his mum and that's a sad and terrible thing in my book.

"Hey, look at us," I said to The Antiquer as we drove along last night. "Not yet 40 and we've got no parents left."

"Yeah, we're orphans!"

"Oooh, I hope they find us nice families to go to."


k said...

As soon as I get a farm for you to work on, you're mine!

hazelblackberry said...

What's the attraction? "Would do well on the land - as fertiliser."