21 November 2008

Eyes and Ears - 21/11/2008

She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.
- Louisa May Alcott

Well the Silence has been Sustained and Uninterrupted, so that takes care of the USS, but as for the R...well... It's been a busy week of slacking off and slacking around and the most focussed I've managed to be on reading is to concentrate on the answers to the previous day's cryptic crossword.

I had a go at starting The Kite Runner, a book I never wanted to read in the first place because, as I was telling someone, so many people tried to press it upon me. Read this, oh you must read this.

And then I decided to give it a burl and I'm about 1/4 of the way in and I have doubts, serious doubts. I will finish it (eventually) & report my feelings in their fullest and truest form. Like you care.

Fortunately, Initials in the Tree has lent me a book of limericks [The Lure of the Limerick, edited by WS Baring-Gould], which has helped wile away the time in a most entertaining fashion. Among the Basil Brush moments flying thick and fast, here are my favourite three, so far:
A wartime young lady of fashion,
Much noted for wit and for passion,
Is known to have said
As she jumped into bed,
'Here's one thing those bastards can't ration.'

A daring young lady of Guam
Observed, 'The Pacific's so calm
I'll swim out for a lark.'
She met a large shark . . .
Let us now sing the Nineteenth Psalm.

There was a young lady of Louth
Who returned from a trip to the South.
Her father said, 'Nelly,
There's more in your belly
Than ever went in by mouth.'
The book even has, according to the blurb, " a critical examination of the form and structure of the verse which traces the origins from ancient Greek times through Shakespeare to Edward Lear". But I haven't read that yet because, hey, come on, it's limericks?

Radio hb:
Not Given Lightly - Chris Knox
Beasley Street - John Cooper Clark
Meija - Porno for Pyros
What's Up? - Four Non Blondes
Imperfect List - Big Hard Excellent Fish


tonelawc said...

There was a young fellow named Pat,
Who was blessed with a 15-inch ...

Sorry, forget I brought it up. The interweb is no place for grubbiness.

k said...

nup, don't bother...really. It isn't very well written, and it doesn't tell you anything that don't already know(or at least that you should already know) about Afghanistan...and it is a really really sad story, which was a bit unnecessary except that the author obviously needed to offload his conscience somewhat. (I am of course referring to the Kiterunner, not tonelawc's limerick!)

hazelblackberry said...

Tonelawc, the wide wide world of webs is a clean, well-lit place. Please help keep it that way.

k, thanks. I think I've almost managed to talk myself out of it.