30 January 2008

It's quiet - too quiet.

My phone rings.

"hazelblackberry speaking."

"Hi hazelblackberry, this is A Man calling from A Place. You sent Another Person from Here an email on Boring Subject Matter. I'd just like to confirm the advice you gave in the email. Is that okay?"


"So, you're confirming it then?"

"What?? Er, no...what was my advice?"

"You don't remember the email?"

"Not particularly. When did I send it - the last couple of weeks?"

"No, no. About 18 months ago."

And yet people would look harshly upon me if I was to hang up right then and there.

1 comment:

Grump Les Tiltskin said...

Careful, Haze. You're skating pretty close to the Neil Fong defence.