02 January 2008

How IS that??

I've mentioned before how I never complain come cricket season because Grumpy's quality 8 hours in front of the TV, 5 days a week, frees up plenty of time for me to do what I want to do.

There's been a bit of chat in the media lately over whether Australia's dominance of test cricket is ruining the game, as crowds no longer expect any competition or much of a spectacle.

This is really not my concern. Nor is it really my concern if Channel 9 has to fill that space previously scheduled for cricket with repeats of The Golden Girls. I'll tell you what is my concern. The Boxing Day test match was over by the fourth day. As the last Indian wicket fell Grumpy turned to me and said, "Well, whaddo we do now?"

Er, who's "we", white man? I have a full five days of activities planned and now I have to turn everything around because some stupid, overly-successful team of cricketers manages to finish the game before its allotted time. Resentment does tend to swell up in the breast.

Never mind test cricket surviving Australia's all-conquering form. I don't think my marriage can survive it.


Heather said...

I know so many families for whom the marriage is put on hold for football (or whatever sport) season.

I think the concept that yours is actually strengthened by the sport is hilarious. Too bad those Aussies are so darn good. Good luck with the nuptuals, notwithstanding.


Mike250 said...

Great post there, got a laugh from here!

Grump Les Tiltskin said...

My only concern is if Adultshop.com sells pussy whip for the lactose intolerant.

(Apologies to Henry Rollins)