29 January 2008

As Marlon Brando might say...

k. rang me at 4.45 this afternoon.

"Where are you? It sounds noisy."

I told her, "Waiting for the bus."

"What time do you get off work??"

"Today? Now, it would seem."

The conversation continued on in this diverting manner as I trundled down the Terrace and alighted at the walkway to the bus station. I stopped in a rather breezy spot to chat away as commuters passed to and fro. I'd been there for about 5 minutes when a girl passing me from behind tapped me on the shoulder and told me that the back of my skirt had blown up in the wind.

I sort of laughed and felt around, trying to locate the skirt in the general bumular region. Another girl walked past and I asked her, "Is it up around undies level?" She looked at me and without any attempt at stemming my embarrassment laughed and said, "Schyeah! And some."

I finally got the fly-away material under control only to hear k. say, "Don't worry. It's not like anybody will remember your face."


Miss Cee said...

Ha! This has never happened to me but I am constantly worried about it happening, hence whenever there's a strong breeze and I'm wearing a skirt, I'm constantly reaching around and patting my bum to check that everything's still in place. Which probably looks rather odd of itself really.

hazelblackberry said...

I also normally do the bum pat, but yesterday I forgot. I wonder if anyone who walked by me while I was still blissfully unaware is over the cold sweats yet.

Miss Cee said...

I witnessed a shoulder tapping occurring at the train station the other day, where an older woman hissed in the ear of a bright young thing that her skirt was all tucked up in her undies. She was wearing a two-layered dress, with a sheer layer over the top, and I had been idly gazing at her thinking that her arse cheeks were intended to be hanging out - it was that sort of dress, really. Apparently not, as she then yanked down the opaque layer to upper-thigh level rather than crotch. I thought about whispering that I had thought the bum flash was intentional but decided she might think that was a bit creepy (with the whispering and all).

hazelblackberry said...

Perhaps she wouldn't have found it at all creepy if you had stood behind her in a big overcoat, doing your whispering right in her ear. That would seem normal.