13 December 2007


Many of my loyal fans, both here and abroad, have been sending me anxious requests re The Burp and why she hasn't been popping up on the blog. Never fear, The Burp still exists and I've been passing some quality time in her company - we even enjoyed dinner chez Burprooster on the weekend - but she just hasn't been coming out with the bloggable moments like she used to.

I think it's because she's so busy being a single mum while The Rooster works away and being a support to The Rooster and getting them organised for their imminent move to The Country, all the while continuing to deal...I mean sell...Plasticware(TM) that she just doesn't have the time to slip up...I mean entertain the masses.

However, the good news is that out in The Country they have email and telephone and I think that as long as communication lines are open, this blog will continue to look Burpwards for inspiration and, you know, laughs at her expense.

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