17 November 2007

Seen in Leederville

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Karen said...

But doesn't this imply that there was a time when it was not?

I remember a philosophy class one time where we seriously discussed the ethical weight of the statement, "Eating people is wrong."

hazelblackberry said...

Yes and that's what makes it funny, I suppose.

I did first year philosophy at uni but I didn't continue on with it. Too much...well...heavy philos. Introspection not really my thing. Angry, screeching rants, yes; introspection, no.

New girl said...

The only phrase I recall from before I dropped out of philos:
"Democracy is a chair".


Also, 'stools'.


Quirkie said...

I wish I'd done philosophy. Or not. Either/or.

hazelblackberry said...

Either/or: compare and contrast.