16 November 2007

Not a One Woman Man

Last night I went with The Antiquer and Tam O'Shanter and a couple of their friends so see Miriam Margolyes' Dickens' Women. It was a terrific show. If you have a chance to see it in your part of the world, get along there: you don't need to be a Dickens fan to appreciate what's on offer.

When The Antiquer was booking the tickets he asked if Grumpy would like to come along. I doubted it but said I'd check. I called him back to relay the rather forceful response I'd had to the suggestion.

"No sooner were the words 'one-woman play' out of my mouth..."

1 comment:

theianandanexpedition said...

I'd have to side with Grumpy on that one - as soon as I heard the words 'one woman show' *shudder* Though I am sure it was really good! :)