28 October 2007

Upwards and Onwards

A while ago, Bezley and I took in the Egyptian Antiquities from The Louvre exhibition at the WA Art Gallery. We enjoyed it very much and afterwards we had a browse in the gift shop where I bought this postcard which now resides on our fridge door. Although it tempted me sorely I maturely resisted the urge to send the picture to Don Mary, accompanied with the simple message, "Thinking of you."


Quirkie said...


(What is that thing for, btw? I mean, apart from it's obvious use in interpersonal communications.)

hazelblackberry said...

It's some kind of thing they put over the thing to keep away things. You know.

From memory, it's an amulet that's placed over the incision where the heart was for protection. They had all manner of these things. And other things. For doing stuff. It was most fascinating.

Quirkie said...

Over the incision where the heart was? Where the heart WAS??