16 October 2007

Stir Crazy

6 1/2 hours from Paris to Dubai.

2 1/2 hours in the Dubai airport.

10 hours from Dubai to Perth. 5 hours into our flight, when I realised that what had seemed like 25 hours was really only half way there, I rested my head on the seat in front of me and cried quiet, somewhat feeble and pathetic tears.

Next to us was a Serbian family who had struck up a conversation with a Serbian hostess. Not a quiet conversation, mind, a very loud conversation that was not at all moderated by the dimmed cabin lights, the sleeping people and the otherwise hushed atmosphere.

Grumpy rubbed my back and asked me if I was feeling better. I sniffed and nodded and said, "Yes, and I'd feel much better" - as I leaned out into the aisle I let my voice rise to a somewhat hysterical pitch - "IF I COULD GET SOME SLEEP!" That set the chatty hostess running and a couple of snoozers around me flinched.

But I was way past caring. Then they gave me metal cutlery with my meal. Oh that was a good one. I laughed mightily.


pseudostoops said...

ugh, long flights. welcome home!

Cellobella said...

That was me on my last flight from Europe... just out of Dubai, hysterical through lack of sleep... my worst plane trip. Usually I can sleep anywhere...

Anyhoo... going on a 19 hour flight from Bangkok to New York soon.

That should be fun.


hazelblackberry said...

Pseudostoops: thanks.

Cellobella: we've made a huge re-commitment to the driving holiday. But I might make an exception for New York.

k said...

Ha! you're all amateurs. try the 20 hr Accra Perth flight, with a two year old.
Nice to see you back Haze