21 October 2007

The Long and the Curly

While we were away, Bezley's friend, The Lumpy Lady, looked after the house and the cats. One of the changes she seems to have wrought in our absence is the bringing about of detente between the furry horrors.

Though the relationship is still mostly tetchy and wary, a kind of acceptance and even occasional cordiality has crept in. Last night, for the second night in a row, both cats slept in our bed - a previously unheard of situation (and apologies to those of you who find the idea of animals sharing human beds horrific).

Grumpy said to me, "Do you realise there are four mammals in this bed? That's never happened before!" He thought about the set-up for a moment more and added, "And I'm the only one that doesn't have an excess hair problem."


k said...

ah, the cat whisperer.

Karen said...

A cat (or cats) on the bed at night is preferable to not knowing where they are sleeping. Loud crashes from the clothes closet at 3 in the morning are not conducive to a good night's sleep.