18 August 2007

A Simple Prick

So I went with Inge while she got her belly button pierced at Exotic Body Piercings in Northbridge (a highly professional outfit recommended to anyone in the Perth metro area with a hankering for this sort of thing). As we waited for Inge's appointment we watched various interestingly pierced youths come and go from the shop. I started to get quite excited on Inge's behalf and while I babbled mindlessly to her - my designated role in the whole exercise was to keep her 'entertained', or, if not entertained, at least diverted...or irritated - I got quite the mindless babble of internal dialogue going as well:

Yeah, body piercing, yeah, you know I think I could do that, that's what I'm going to do, okay so I never did get the tattoo I promised myself, but don't forget that was on the grounds that it would look bogany on you, but a piercing is something I could definitely do, one of those cute little things in my belly button, that'd be the go, oh most definitely, right, that's it, my mind's made up, when Inge's finished here I'll make an appointment on the way out, woohoo, okay, wow, I'm really excited, I can see how people get addicted to this bizzo...

The patter went on in my head in this vein right up until the point the needle got jabbed into the fold of skin at the top of Inge's belly button and I saw the rather distressed look on her face. Then everything got real quiet, real fast, as they say.

I made pancakes with wholemeal flour this morning. That's as experimental as things are going to get around here.


JahTeh said...

It's the tongue piercing that fascinates me. Does it go clunk on your teeth? Does it freeze up when you eat ice-cream? Do you have to floss round it?

River said...

I've chickened out of several tattoos myself and my only piercings are in my earlobes. However, 3 of my children are braver (more foolish?) than me and each has numerous tattoos.

Karen said...

It's irritating to listen to a person with a tongue piercing speak. They are doomed to talk baby talk for the rest of their lives.

When I was younger (way, way before it was fashionable) I wanted a tattoo. I'm very glad now that I didn't actually get one.