03 August 2007

She is the birthday girl. We gave her some leeway.

This morning we had a morning tea for Canned Ham's birthday. At some point the conversation turned to clothing. WiseMan, who is a vertically challenged chap, was complaining that when he gets shirts big enough to fit his neck they are usually far too long in the arm. Someone suggested he just get short sleeved shirts but, lamented the very conservative WiseMan, then we'd all see that his arms are heavily tattooed with various raunchy scenarios.

Canned Ham could be described as being somewhat pneumatically built. If you get my drift. If I hadn't called her Canned Ham, I might have called her Jayne Mansfield. If you see where I'm coming from.

She waited until the frivolity had died down from WiseMan's comments and then said, "I know exactly what you mean. I'm always worried that if my shirt's too tight everyone will be looking at my tats."

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wow, that's priceless.