08 August 2007

Existential Angst? Wassat?

When my step-sister, Cinderella, comes to visit she likes to have a look at Finny. It was she who had rescued him from her local vet who had in turn rescued him from a plastic bag, filled with him and his (dead) brothers and sisters, left by some anonymous kindly soul in the blazing sun.

Last time she was over she was commenting on what a handsome boy he was. He is a good looking lad but he is also, as the Sex Pistols might say, oh so pretty, pretty vacant.

"He's a bit thick is he? Do you think that's because he was left in that plastic bag for so long?"

"No, Cinders. I think being too stupid to know what was going on is what helped him survive the bag."

Meanwhile, over at Kitten Wars, Finny has won 58% of his battles!


April Elizabeth said...

that kitten is so freakin' cute

Carol said...

he should totally win all of his battles because he is completely gorgeous (and really, who needs a brain if they're pretty?)

that site is utterly evil, i shall be clicking ugly kitties all night (poor, poor ugly kitties). The losingest kitties page is fantastic, those are some ugly (but awesome) cats - especially the ones with no hair.

Grump Les Tiltskin said...

I wonder how poor old Pounce!y would go?