08 August 2007

The Burp 1; hazelblackberry 0

Not going to Bunbury left me free to make good on my promise to take Bay Leaf and Machiavelli to see The Simpsons movie. Or Movie. I don't know, I'm as confused now as I was then.

On previous outings The Burp has let me know that they should only have a small drink each and one treat each. I've managed to stick to this in the past but on Sunday we were running late and Machiavelli was in a dreamy, dawdly mood and what with trying to inject some urgency into proceedings and keep things upbeat! and nice! enforcing rules suddenly all seemed too hard and I found myself staggering into the cinema with several gallons of carbonated beverage and approximately 20 kilos of sweet and salty snacks.

Luckily I chose a modest refreshment for myself as the movie was definitely enough to give me indigestion. The kiddies thought it was a hoot. But then they were high on Fanta.

When we got home The Rooster was busy being handy with tools and putting a set of shelves together. I flopped down in a lounge chair to have a chat to The Burp. After a while I said I'd better make moves, get home and get dinner on because I'd invited Bezley over.

"Is that right?" asked The Burp. "You've invited Bezley over for dinner? How lovely for her."

"What the hell are you on about?"

I nearly collapsed in a heap of shame and dismay when The Burp reminded me that when I'd first offered to take the boys to the movies I'd also said that afterwards the entire Burprooster entourage should head to our house for a nosh up. The Burp said nevermind, she was pretty sure they had some cold sausages in the fridge that would do for tea.

She sure knows how to lay it on thick. She should have been a brickie.

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JahTeh said...

I love movies in Gold Class but have learnt not to get food delivered to my chair. I always miss the mouth in the dark even if the film is blazing light.