10 July 2007


I wondered whether to blog about my week away. I think I'll just tell you all what I told Jessie Mo, with some editing:


The trip was GREAT. Just fantastic. Ern is in the perfect location, picked by one of my stepbrothers. We had ten people there - me, Bezley, two of my stepbrothers and their wives, one of their kids and three of Ern and Bez's friends. We had a terrific day. Bezley and I camped
out with K & L (two of their mates) afterwards and had a really, really good night, and it's amazing how you forget how many stars you can see, and how I forgot what a magical pull the north-west has. No wonder people like Dad can never get it out of their system.

I'd forgotten, because it was just part of my life growing up, but now I'll always remember.

I cried a lot but in a good way and the next day it felt so good to have finally done it and fulfilled his wishes. The night before the same group of us had a barbecue and sat around telling stories about Dad and just laughing and laughing about him, and at him. Because as full of life and
character as he was, he could be utterly ridiculous. It was EXACTLY what he would have wanted - all his exploits and sayings and habits continuing to live on and be enjoyed.

Then the next day he had the laugh on us as we stumbled through spinifex and red rocks, carrying bags of quick-set cement and jerry cans of water, to get to the spot where we were burying him. K and I agreed that nothing could have pleased him more than to be concreted into place, resolutely refusing to budge. Bloody Ern indeed. He has a 360 deg view of the ocean and the tidal creek, the mangroves and the red & green hills. Perfect. Views of the places he grew up and where he spent a lifetime camping and fishing. Truly the land of his dreaming.

He meant so much to so many people. He's unforgettable, and I'm so proud that he's my Dad.