26 April 2006

Content! At Last!

Grumpy left a comment on this post and, to my mind, he sounded a trifle bitter. Maybe it's just me. No. No, in fact, I think it's him. And me.

Anyway, here's my point: don't be taken in by the implications of in-law abuse. You should see the fawning he cops from Bezley. She loves him. Laughs at all his jokes. This evening he came to pick me up from their house and Bezley, as usual, was into the kitchen like a shot to fetch him a cup of tea while he plonked himself down in a comfortable armchair.

As she hustled the cuppa over to him she called over to her shoulder to me, "Better make sure he has a chocolate bikkie..or two. Make it two."

Once, after a visit at our house, she apologised as she left for not preparing him a hot beverage. He was willing to overlook it, just this once.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Mmm, chocolate bikkies. Were they chocolate-covered digestives, by chance? (Just wondering.)