06 October 2005


I wish I liked coffee. I like the smell. I like eating some of the foam from the top of Grumpy's capuccino. I like coffee cake! But I don't like coffee. Whenever I watched Twin Peaks and Norma would slide a piece of pie and a cup of coffee across the counter to someone I yearned to like coffee. I also liked the sound the plate and the cup made as they slid.

Twin Peak was a good show, wasn't it?

I think there is, as a general rule, a group of people who like cherries, and a group of people who like Cherry Ripes, and not many people who like both. I like Cherry Ripes.


True Blue said...

Hmm...neither for me thanks! Now a 'Picnic'...that's my choc bar of choice.

SuperFreo! said...

Single Peaks


mygoals said...

Roberta is sitting next to me as we read your blog and she's doing a hideous Aussie accent and the both of us are cracking up. Yup... this is what happens when there's no TV in the house.

You must try this Audio Blogging thing sometime just so we can hear it...

Quirkie said...

Twin Peaks was a wonderful show. Creepy little carny guy. Disappointing ending tho.

For the record: Milo bars AND milo.

(Not my most favourite favourite, but I'm making a point. They're both good.)