21 October 2005

A Bloggable Offence

I think every so often in your life you get to cause or be a moment from a movie. Like when someone chokes on their drink.

A few years ago I was talking to Grumpy's friend Intensity. In the middle of our conversation, just as he was taking a sip of his coffee, I did an imitation of someone we both knew, not even really trying to be funny, but he found it so and coffee sprayed across the table from his mouth and some even came out of his nose.

Last night The Burp - yes, The Burp - and I went to see 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin'. It was an entertaining movie. Not the laugh riot I'd been expecting. Because I hadn't seen any shorts, I was in hysterics at that hideous waxing scene. Every follicle on my body shrivelled in disbelief and sympathy. Then, a few minutes later, during another scene, I was taking in a gulp of coke when Our Hero shrieked at someone, "I almost lost a nipple!" and I was so grateful for the empty seats in front of us as a huge coke spray burst out of me. I still had a mouthful of coke and I realised there was no way I could swallow it in my current state so I reached for my cup and spat it back in.

That is what Grumpy would call A Bloggable Offence.

I think The Burp would agree.

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